Welcome to Hall Place Dairy

Delicious handmade cheeses & ice creams - produced with whole milk from our own cows here at Leigh Park Farm in the Weald of Kent.  The Bastable family have farmed here for over 90 years and the cheese and ice cream production is part of the family business.

Our award winning pedigree Holstein cows graze the herbaceous pastures in the Spring, Summer and Autumn and are housed in the winter when it is too wet and cold outside.

Hall Place Dairy's handcrafted ice cream is made on our farm with pasteurised whole milk and the best ingredients - we don't compromise on quality!

We make farmhouse cheese using pasteurised whole milk and vegetarian rennet which is now available, and we will be making a fresh curd cheese in the Spring and Summer - ideal for Summer salads, with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar or even making cheesecakes! Our cheddar style cheese 'Charcott' has recently been awarded a gold award at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

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See page 72 of the SouthEast Farmer Magazine to read an article on Hall Place Dairy / Bastable Family http://www.southeastfarmer.net/print-edition/february-2015